About the project


Europe’s diversity is a rich source of vitality and creativity. Many countries hold their own stories as a part of their cultural heritage. We would like to explore the stories as a tool to promote equal opportunities for learning to people with different social backgrounds. We intend to explore and share stories using English in order to improve language and cultural skills of our learners and gain an awareness of belonging to a super national community. We will use information and communication technology to share these stories and to disseminate information about local and regional festivals, as well as to strengthen the bonds of friendship and communication among members.

This project gives the chance to people to express themselves and transfer the knowledge of their life and culture.

Storytelling is a way:
  • to educate the new generation about environment and sustainability,
  • to bring people together,
  • to help them promote a mutual understanding of ideas, customs and culture,
The aims of the project:
  • to develop social and communication skills by preparing verbal and non-verbal stories in English that recount history, customs, traditions and festivals shared with people from other countries,
  • to encourage creative and innovative activities to present local stories and customs using the tools offered by ICT,
  • to establish friendships with people from different social groups,
  • to raise the awareness of the multiculturalism,
  • to motivate learners and teachers to continue and organize their own learning process,
  • to share teaching methods to improve adult learning processes.